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My technical corner about Linux, Perl, programming, computer networks and network security

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22 September
Posted in Bash, Projects, Security

Basics of writing bash scripts, a simple antivirus on a linux router

If you are a network admin then malware can be your main . Typical user in your network uses Windows and he has this problem now or he will have in the future. You musn’t learn your users how to use computers, but you can better supervise them. ;-) In […]

5 July
Posted in Bash, Linux, PHP, Projects

Dynamic dns based on a bash and php script

Having dynamic IP address is full of hindrances if you want to use your machine from other place in the world. But if you have your own domain, a linux based desktop and server (which manages of your domain) I can help you probably. I have used this script for […]

21 June

How to completely hide your network traffic

In this article I explained what may see your Internet Service Provider. Now, I will write some information about how to protect your network traffic.  My solution is based on a bash script on a client and a server. The script works on the client computer, connects to the server […]

1 June
Posted in Perl, Projects

SQLib – easy store your SQL queries in a separate file

In big commercial projects a separate some layers from a raw code is important. This is the typical advantages of almost each framework. Effects of this separation are templates, languages files, modules, etc. But not every framework supports separating SQL queries. I didn’t find any good (for me) perl module […]

2 May
Posted in Bash, Linux, Projects, Security

Remote technical support by VNC through SSH Tunnel

I suppose that you are an advanced linux user. And those skills make you really happy. But, sometimes we have a big problem: our friends may want to have Linux on their computers. There are many reasons why. Probably Linux looks like pretty for those people. The main point is: […]