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5 May
Posted in Bash, Linux, Perl

Useful one-liners, part I

Find 1) Find the all files in the working directory (and subdirectories) if these have “*.doc” extension and execute some command. To do this, I use simple a regular expression and the echo command: find . -type f -iname “*.[dD][oO][cC]” -exec echo {} \;   2)┬áDelete all files and directories […]

2 May
Posted in Bash, Linux, Projects, Security

Remote technical support by VNC through SSH Tunnel

I suppose that you are an advanced linux user. And those skills make you really happy. But, sometimes we have a big problem: our friends may want to have Linux on their computers. There are many reasons why. Probably Linux looks like pretty for those people. The main point is: […]

20 April

What can see your Internet Service Provider?

Did you think ever what’s happen when you browsing the Internet?   Flow of information in a typical computer network is displayed on the image below: Let me introduce you about couple things. The field “Your computer” represents a computer, a smartfon, a notebook, a printer, a TV tuner – […]

15 April
Posted in Bash, Linux

Basics of writing bash scripts, an advanced backup

More inteligent and advanced backup Sometimes something can go wrong and then a simple script may not help us. There is nothing worse than the admin realising hat their own script has crashed his professional career because it didn’t work correctly (corrupted spare files, low disc space, etc). Usually the […]

13 April
Posted in Bash, Linux

Basics of writing bash scripts, a simple backup

This is one of the most usefull examples: a script which does a backup. I am going to do something really simple.   We have a file with data (for example: data.txt), which changes, because everyday many users edit it. The file also might be a complex database file (the […]

10 April
Posted in Bash, Linux

Basics of writing bash scripts

Most often the reasons that a beginner admin still doesn’t use scripts is because he is unable to understand what is the true advantage of writing bash scripts. Mainly profit is based of course on time and work saving. Computers can do those actions which is normaly done by humans. […]

9 April
Posted in Linux, Uncategorized

Use Google and my website to solve your problem, part I

nginx When we are trying to start or restart we got: nginx: [emerg] could not build the server_names_hash, you should increase server_names_hash_bucket_size: X …and nginx doesn’t start. Solution 1 Check the validity of included configuration files (sites, mime types, etc) Solution 2 In the main configuration file in nginx in […]