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22 September
Posted in Bash, Projects, Security

Basics of writing bash scripts, a simple antivirus on a linux router

If you are a network admin then malware can be your main . Typical user in your network uses Windows and he has this problem now or he will have in the future. You musn’t learn your users how to use computers, but you can better supervise them. ;-) In […]

8 September
Posted in Bash, Linux

Basics of writing bash scripts, improving your command line

Sometimes many commands in linux based systems are too complicated to remember or use them. Many options/prefixes are quite problematic as well. I had had this problem some years ago and I coped with it. I used imagemagick and I needed some improvements to my work because of imagemagick’s syntax. […]

15 July
Posted in Bash, Linux, Security

How to automatically encrypt backup files

In the most serious companies, backup is a really important thing, one of the most important probably. But sometimes more important is a question about security of this saved data. Usually backup is comprehensive of data from many systems and it’s stored in a special device (NAS). This data is […]

5 July
Posted in Bash, Linux, PHP, Projects

Dynamic dns based on a bash and php script

Having dynamic IP address is full of hindrances if you want to use your machine from other place in the world. But if you have your own domain, a linux based desktop and server (which manages of your domain) I can help you probably. I have used this script for […]

2 July
Posted in Bash, Linux

Basics of writing bash scripts, a simple network tester

Sometimes my internet connection is rubbish. Nowadays this scenario shouldn’t happen ever, but the real life is much brutal, as you know. Especially in Poland. So, my life insists me to do something strange things in my computers and here is an ordinary example. I wrote my simple script some […]

13 June
Posted in Bash, Linux, Security

Basics of writing bash scripts, autoblocking ssh break in attempts

This script is a typical problem of the reinvention wheel, because there are many programs, which may prevent from robots which are try to guess the passwords in the ssh service. If you don’t trust your security skills, you should use them or read this text. I will try to […]

5 May
Posted in Bash, Linux, Perl

Useful one-liners, part I

Find 1) Find the all files in the working directory (and subdirectories) if these have “*.doc” extension and execute some command. To do this, I use simple a regular expression and the echo command: find . -type f -iname “*.[dD][oO][cC]” -exec echo {} \;   2) Delete all files and directories […]

2 May
Posted in Bash, Linux, Projects, Security

Remote technical support by VNC through SSH Tunnel

I suppose that you are an advanced linux user. And those skills make you really happy. But, sometimes we have a big problem: our friends may want to have Linux on their computers. There are many reasons why. Probably Linux looks like pretty for those people. The main point is: […]

15 April
Posted in Bash, Linux

Basics of writing bash scripts – advanced backup

More inteligent and advanced backup Sometimes something may go wrong and then a simple script may not help us. There is nothing worse than an admin realising that his own script has crashed his professional career because it didn’t work correctly (corrupted spare files, low disc space, etc). Usually the […]

13 April
Posted in Bash, Linux

Basics of writing bash scripts – simple backup

This is one of the most usefull examples: a script which does backup. I am going to do something really simple. We have a file with data (for example: data.txt), which changes, because everyday users edit it. The file also might be a complex database file (the Firebird, the SQLite), […]