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A network issue with VMware Workstation 9 on Windows 7

In the last time I had a little problem on my laptop with VMware Workstation 9 which cooperates with Windows 7 Professional. As I use Acronis True Image for backup and the instant system restore, I decided to turn off the event log service. I really don’t need this service now, because each problem is solved by my backup, which is much more effective than looking for an issue in a logfile. Moreover I have a SSD drive and I want to reduce I/O operations as well.

However I had problem with my vmnet network in my virtual machines. I have a NAT virtual network in my Workstation for my VMs. When I used two VMs at the same time, these VMs had problems with their network. The network didn’t work because the routing wasn’t working and VMs didn’t have an access to the gateway interface. Sometimes the problem occurred after a hibernation process, sometimes after turn on a secondary VM when a primary was turned on already or vice versa. It was the very random problem as you can see.

I thought the problem was in VMware Workstation – I changed a virtual network configuration many times but it didn’t help me finally.

But I have found the solution for my problem and It was a really accidental event. If you turn off the event log service in Windows 7 Professional then the Routing and Remote Access will stop work after reboot a system. And there was the main problem. So, be careful if you consider to disable the event log service because this acction may cause unexpected problems. :-)

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